A horrible injury to the Spanish footballer, he got stuck on a nail and earned a deep cut

Spanish footballer Unai Bilbao, a player of the Mexican Necaxa, suffered an unusual and rather gruesome right knee injury during the match against Atlético San Luis.

In a duel with Atlético de San Luis striker Nicolás Ibañez, the opposing player pushed him away after which he fell on one of the advertising tarpaulins that were on the field behind the goal.

Unfortunately for him, on that occasion he got stuck on a nail that keeps the tarpaulins attached to the ground, after which he received a deep cut. Bilbao was not aware of what had happened at first, but when he looked at his knee, he had something to see.

With tears in his eyes, he sought medical help, after which he was immediately replaced and transferred to the locker room. After the match, the news arrived that he was feeling well, after the medical treatment he received.

By the way, Necaxa celebrated with the result 1: 0 in the mentioned match.

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