Los Angeles Rams vs Green Bay Packers Game Preview

We came to the divisional rounds of the playoffs. The games are opened by the Green Bay Packers and the Los Angeles Rams. According to bookmakers, Green Bay is the favorite, and the margin on points is set at 45.5

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Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is leading this team really well this season. It seems that hiring Matt Lafleur as the head coach was the right thing to do, because he helped Rodgers a lot in some things. This season, Green Bay looked great as an attacking unit. Rarely has anyone managed to defend themselves from them, and the result of everything is the first place in the conference, and the candidacy of Aaron Rodgers for MVP. The defense was quite solid, and mostly fed on the positive energy that the attack brought.

Very very good regular season for Green Bay and it will be interesting to watch them at their icy Lambeau Field in the playoffs.

Los Angeles Rams

Unlike Green Bay, the Los Angeles Rams played a wild card round, and they defeated divisional rival Seattle Seahawks. Nothing sweeter, if you ask them.

Although the result shows a lot of points, it was a painful match on both sides. The Rams entered that match with a reserve quarterback who was injured.

Jared Goff was thrown into the hatch, who obviously did not recover from the thumb surgery, but he played quite correctly. A defense entered the scene that tied the second game in which it scored a touchdown. That touchdown was the turning point in the game and the reason why the Rams came out as the winners in the end.

Big credit also goes to Sean McVeigh, who found a way to make it easier for his players. The one who is considered an offensive coach has assembled this team so that they can be a defensive force, so that despite all the problems with injuries, Rams find a way to win.

The course of the game and the betting proposal

Anyone who follows the NFL and analyzes this match will tell you that this will be a duel between the Green Bay attack and the defense of the Los Angeles Rams. And we have to agree with that, because by all statistical parameters, Green Bay’s attack is at the very top of the NFL league, and Rams’ defense is without a doubt the best defense in the league.

It will be especially interesting to watch the duel between Davonte Adams as the first catcher option and Jalen Ramsey as the player in charge of the best catchers of the opposing teams. Ramsey has shown that he is without a doubt the top 3 of the cornerback league, and many top catchers could not played a lot against him.

Also, it will be interesting to see how the offensive line will hold Rams’ defensive line, which is deadly. Russell Wilson was like a clay pigeon last weekend, and don’t be surprised if Rodgers looks the same.

In addition to the attack / defense duel, many analysts point out the weather conditions that are in Green Bay’s favor. Yes, Lambeau Field and the region in general look like an icy tundra at this time, but if you ask us that will not be a crucial parameter. The defense of Rams can play anywhere and anytime, and the attack of Rams was never explosive and was mostly reduced to a trick of action and running. So we don’t give it as much importance as some other analysts.

We think that the Rams are well underestimated here. Yes, Green Bay is good, but also don’t forget that Rams’ defense is damn good. In some earlier announcements, we mostly went against Rams due to problems in the attacking part of the team, but that defense denied us every time and now we will go for it.

Aaron Rodgers is certainly the league’s MVP, but if we look a little deeper into the entire Green Bay season, this score gives a slightly false picture. Realistically, Green Bay had three strong games in the regular season. Those were games against New Orleans, Tampa Bay and the Indianapolis Colts. In two of the three games, they came out as losers, and we should pay attention to that.

On the other hand, the Rams played in the convincingly strongest division in the league. They played with Buffalo, Miami, Tampa and some other strong teams and mostly came out as winners. Bookmakers don’t take that into account, and they shouldn’t.

To all this we would add that Sean McVay is a great coach. Indeed, with such a modest offensive potential, he is still doing a great job and against the very average defense of Green Bay, he will surely manage to do something. The margin on Rams is a shameful, and the team that reached the divisional round is certainly stronger than these odds say.

Betting suggestion: Rams OVER 19.5

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