Notts County vs Torquay (x Draw) – England, National League

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The English National League derby is played by Notts County and Torquay.

Notts County is a club that remembers even happier days, they used to play in higher ranks and played a more serious role in English football.

Every season they are expected to be promoted into higher rank, but for the most part it ends with the disappointment of the fans.

Notts County is currently in 7th place, the last to lead to the playoffs for the higher rankings.

In 14 rounds they won 23 points and play unpredictably, on the principle of warm-cold, in the last 4 rounds they recorded 2 wins and 2 losses. At home, they recorded 5 wins and 3 losses in 8 matches, currently without a draw.

Torquay is the league’s leading team and currently the main candidate for higher League. They have 8 points more than the first runner but it must be said that they have a slight decline in form given that in the last 5 rounds they recorded only 2 wins and 2 losses.

Torquay is the best team in the league both at home and away, and enters this game as a slight favorite.

12.10.19NLNotts CountyTorquay2 : 0
11.10.09LTNotts CountyTorquay2 : 2
20.01.07LTNotts CountyTorquay5 : 2
26.11.05LTNotts CountyTorquay2 : 2

When it comes to the last match of these teams, we see that the host is undefeated, but also that there is a sequence of victories and draws, where it is now the turn to be a draw! Although Torquay is the favorite in this match, it is still an awkward away game where they would surely be satisfied with a point now. And here I am guided by the fact that Notts County has no draws so far at home, so I think it’s time for you to bet on a draw here too! Good luck!

Betting Pick: Draw at Bovada Sportsbook

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